International Interdisciplinary Special Education Congress

İstanbul Aydin University

9-10 September 2024 (Face to Face)
11 September 2024 (Online)

10:00 – 17:30

9-10-11 September 2024








I. Interdisciplinary Special Education Congress: Meeting Point of Innovative Approaches in Special Education

Istanbul Aydin University will host the “International Interdisciplinary Special Education Congress, which is a first in the field of special education and will be organized with an interdisciplinary perspective. He enthusiastically presents the “Interdisciplinary Special Education Congress”. This congress aims to discuss the most current issues and innovative approaches in special education, share experiences and bring together experts from different disciplines of the field.

Congress Goals

Exploration of Innovative Approaches: The congress will provide a platform to explore innovative practices and approaches in special education. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the latest developments through academics, researchers and practitioners from different disciplines.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration Opportunities: The congress will bring together experts from different disciplines and provide an environment to address current problems in special education and discuss solutions. This will allow participants to develop more effective solutions by drawing on different perspectives.

Knowledge and Experience Sharing: The congress will provide a platform for participants to share theirexperiences. This will promote the dissemination of best practices in special education and increase the knowledge of all stakeholders in the field.

Congress Format

The congress will consist of various activities such as presentation of reserach studies, conferences, panel discussions, workshops and poster presentations. Participants will be able to benefit from the congress at the highest level by participating in events that suit their interests and needs.


The languages of the papers are English, Turkish and Azerbaijani Turkish.

Congress Date and Place

The 1st Interdisciplinary Special Education Congress will be held on the Florya campus of Istanbul Aydın University on 9-10 September 2024 (Face to Face) and on 11 September (Online)

Participation and Registration

Registration for those who want to attend the congress will be carried out online via the congress website. Participants can visit the congress website to get information about access to the congress program, accommodation opportunities and other details.

The 1st Interdisciplinary Special Education Congress, organized by Istanbul Aydin University, will be an important event where innovative approaches in the field of special education will be discussed, interdisciplinary cooperation will be encouraged and participants will share their knowledge and experiences. By attending this congress, do not miss the opportunity to follow the latest developments in special education and meet with experts in the field.

Dr. Lecturer Member Murat BALCI ( Organizing Board and Congress President )